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Housing in The Repopulation

Playing Alpha – The Repopulation

But sadly the RePop is under NDA so I can’t stream or say how cool it is.    IT is cool btw.  more to come…

but if my friends do come join me, im on the plymouth noob server.

Dalewj in 'The Repopulation'

Alpha games on watch (By order of chance to making it to a real game)
1 – Project Gorgon
2 – Afterworld
3 – Project Ion
4 – Earthrise
5 – Divergence
6 – AfterTimeDiaries

Project Gorgon 3 week review (end of gameplay)

I played PG for 3 weeks.  Good 130+ hours of gameplay.  This game is very Alpha and the team is very small.  Saying that they have created an excellent little alpha game.   If there is a long term for the game it can only get great.

graphically the game is not up to anything you play with cryengine for sure.  Its laid back, a bit buggy (hey its alpha), and not brilliant.  But do graphics need to be perfect and killer for every game we play?  do you even look at the graphics after a week or so of playing?  I know I don’t and rather have game play then graphics anyday.  Hell I started with Pong.. those graphics weren’t even graphics.  2 lines and a round bit and your done…  So for graphics the game gets a C-, but I don’t really care.

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