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Diaries of Afterworld 1

dalewj is a real avatar in a real MMORPG game called AfterWorld. Watch dalewj discover his own history. Watch dalewj discover the history of the world he lives in. He will fall in love. He will have friends die. He will finally become a citizen of the great AfterWorld.

  • By Dale Johnson, Johnson Consulting
  • Published January 2013
  • Electronic ISBN: 978-1-300-67271-5
  • Paper ISBN: 978-1-300-67286-9

I do not talk bad things about many people but this Pupkin I do.  I do not understand why he is so mean.  He says he is here to teach us and make us leave New Urengoy, but I do not understand why so mean.  Let me explain.

We woke up on Saturday and everything was good.  All six of us found our way down to food after reading the paper we got the night before.  Daria explained that food in the morning is called breakfast.  It was good, we were all very hungry and it felt good to eat a full meal.  After the meal we all went to class in a building at the bottom of the hill.  It looks like the building we have our room in but the was  big room on the bottom floor that was setup to teach.

We had all our backpacks and tools because the paper said to bring them.  We put everything in our backpack because Yuna said it would be safer.  We did leave the beds because we did not mind if we lost them.  It seems that Yuna is very good at thinking about being safe and we will trust her to make those decisions.

In our class they went over all the things we need to know about New Urengoy.  Our job is to work our bodies and drink a special drink until the mutant gene in our brain goes away.  They said this takes about longer than a month for some people and even longer for others.  Our teacher was named Lieutenant Cook.  Grusha said he was a very good looking man and he seemed to want to help us.  I agreed.