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Diaries of Afterworld 2

Book 2 in a series. dalewj is a real avatar in a real MMORPG game called AfterWorld. Watch dalewj change from a newcomer to a full grown citizen. In his journey he will meet new friends, battle with old friends and again deal with death. dalewj will also create the first known history of the world he lives in. It is not a question if dalewj can survive…it is more important question if the AfterWorld survives.

  • By Dale Johnson, Johnson Consulting
  • Published April 2104
  • Electronic ISBN: 978-1-312-08788-0

Something has gone horribly wrong in Afterworld.  Until a week ago society was growing at such a massive pace.  Newcomers were becoming citizens every week.   Our economy was in god shape.    And that damn robot came and messed us all up.  Now people are dying and we have lost our leaders.   Let me recap the last week for you so you can catch up to what has happened.

It all started when we killed that E-95 up past NU.  We thought everything was good that day and into the next day.  The ASB brought back parts showing that the bought was from a factory far west of us.  We expected it got lost, lost communication with its mainframe and well everything is good again.

The bots had all returned to their normal areas and people were getting out and traveling like normal.  Grunya and Thomas were still up near the E-95 killing Alba.  Heap had come back to bring them some food yesterday.  Robber is coming home from NU today.  Daria is headed to NU after the ASB went back to work on their paperwork.  Hurricane is working on his plants in NU and Trabin is back to working on his bicycle crafting.

All was good until we found Bullit dead in the area with werewolfs.  We did not find him.  Madseend did last Friday.  He was laying there and had been dead for some time when Mad found him.  Mad brought him back to the medical building in Sar and the doctors went over him to find out why he didn’t Translukate like he should have.  They had no reason and there was a meeting happening with the doctor and Bank when an ASB officer broke it up with a report of two more dead citizens near NU.

The meeting in the medical building quickly moved to Banks office and at that point I was not permitted in to see.  When they came out they told us we had to stay in town until they found out more information.  I got worried at this point because most of HU is out of towns in the open.  I wish I could communicate with them to tell them to be safe and not to die at any cost.  But I can not and this is where my week became terrible.