I came across this video of how to craft the good stuff in Archage.  Well it isn’t how to craft its how the crafting system works and how much of a gamble it is to make something at the top level.    To get the perfect top level piece you wanted with the right stats is a 1:784 chance from the first level of the item you craft.

Yes that is risky, even riskier then Entropian Universe.   Now figure you have 7 pieces of armor to make to totally wear an outfit.  So now thats 1:5488 chance of making your set of armor on the first try basic pieces you start with.   YIKES!   Now consider the costs of the parts…  Now consider archage and its labor points!   you can only try maybe 3-4 crafts a day!   Now saying your hardcore 12 hour player every day then it can take you more then 3 years (if your luck is like mine) to make your 1 set of armor.  Sure you made 5487 pieces that you can sell that are good, just different from what you want.  But that perfect set could take 3 years to make.

Now what can we take from this to make better crafting in say Afterworld.  Afterworld has an excellent complicated crafting system with 100% crafts.  Its skill based and its hard to make perfect armor.  very hard very expensive and very time consuming.   I let others do it and i’ll simply pay for the armor.

I like the chance idea.  maybe this is a bit over the edge.  But if we start with a high end craft, maybe we can add buffs to it and with this idea produce items with different stats.  I personally think crafters should be able to produce items with different stats.  Maybe more thing 1 instead of thing 2.  as long as all the things add up to the total.  This works well in weapons where maybe more attack is worth a little slower gun.

But Archage has one of the most expensive crafting systems i have ever seen and at the top level the luck/costs are amazing.   There must be a way of taking this crafting ideas and using them to make an even better system.