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On to Mortal Online

So I have been gone for a while on this website due to real life and gaming hell at the same time. But let’s try to bring this back and try again.

First where have I been? The Repopulation had what I call an engine cluster-fuck and well they now have to rebuild the game on a whole new engine. That has never been good to anything I have played (PE and AW), but I wish them luck and see them in 2-3 years.

So I went to World of Tanks again, played 20,000 games or so and well learned the game in a much better way. My play is much better, I have a clan which for some reason I am an executive officer and we do stronghold s and hold land in clan wars. It’s interesting. BUT daily gameplay going into the summer has GONE TO SHIT. So much so that I need to find a backup plan for day to day playing.

After 5 attempts to find something I landed on Mortal Online. Not a bad game. Simple boring 3rd day noob at the moment, just resource gathering and trying to get some gold. Think I’m doing good, getting some knowledge and learning the game. Haven’t streamed because it’s boring as hell to cut down a tree or whack a rock, but if it gets interesting I will. All I can show you know is the lovely avatar I made in the game, I think it’s the real me.

Dreams of No Man’s Sky are on the horizon and I hope that soon that game will come out and we will start to play in the middle of nowhere with nobody to talk to. Oh Hmmmm. Ya actually sounds good.


New Repopulation armor

Enjoy my new heavy armor…

Repop Heavy Armor

Repop Heavy Armor

Housing in The Repopulation

Playing Alpha – The Repopulation

But sadly the RePop is under NDA so I can’t stream or say how cool it is.    IT is cool btw.  more to come…

but if my friends do come join me, im on the plymouth noob server.

Dalewj in 'The Repopulation'

Alpha games on watch (By order of chance to making it to a real game)
1 – Project Gorgon
2 – Afterworld
3 – Project Ion
4 – Earthrise
5 – Divergence
6 – AfterTimeDiaries

Project Gorgon 3 week review (end of gameplay)

I played PG for 3 weeks.  Good 130+ hours of gameplay.  This game is very Alpha and the team is very small.  Saying that they have created an excellent little alpha game.   If there is a long term for the game it can only get great.

graphically the game is not up to anything you play with cryengine for sure.  Its laid back, a bit buggy (hey its alpha), and not brilliant.  But do graphics need to be perfect and killer for every game we play?  do you even look at the graphics after a week or so of playing?  I know I don’t and rather have game play then graphics anyday.  Hell I started with Pong.. those graphics weren’t even graphics.  2 lines and a round bit and your done…  So for graphics the game gets a C-, but I don’t really care.

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