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Archage crafting at the highest levels.

I came across this video of how to craft the good stuff in Archage.  Well it isn’t how to craft its how the crafting system works and how much of a gamble it is to make something at the top level.    To get the perfect top level piece you wanted with the right stats is a 1:784 chance from the first level of the item you craft.

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Guild Wars – 8 days in, level 44

So after playing guild wars now for 8 days (had 1 day off) i have to say i can see why people like the game. Its still a themepark and i have yet to guild myself so I am not getting all the experience. After getting to level 35 i stopped questing along and tried my hand at some crafting. Weapons and Artificer. Crafting levels are slow. The amount of wood and copper you need to get to the next level are.. well alot. But the cost is very low if you go get it yourself. So in the long run what you have in crafting is a decent crafting system with X amount of levels and each level is a good deal of finding supplys to get past. Not over that bad.

But i did learn that there are more then 1 starting zone and if you can flyign thru all 5 areas you can get a good 400-450 copper a day. Now that is about 1/20th of the total neeeded copper as it appears. so the min of 6-8 hours of copper grinding is you can level up in 3 weeks i expect. not too terrible but a bit slow for a themepark.

So i have been in almost all the levels up to lions arc in some way or another and am building my reserves ahead of time if i make it to the next levels of crafting.

One thing i do like is the traits system. Well thought out making you go back and finish stuff if you want a certain trait on your character. The skill points, not so impressed.. you can buy lots of skills but use very little of them. in fact i have no use for more skills at the moment cause until i get to lvl 60 i am good with what i have.

I am now playing inthe bloodtide coast and the mobs are again hard but do-able. Many more players at this level then before so there is help on quests which is nice. Noticable at some starter areas the lack of players playing.

Back to play until at least Afterworld is playable again. They have had now 3 updates to level off the servers, but that is about 20% of what was lost last month. And now that we know Vik left the team, this means the damn slow speed to fix things makes sense. The game is a good 6 months from real play now…. sad….

I am a lovely figure of a man in Guild Wars

dalewj in Guild Wars 2

Flash from the past : I got coolness

From Feb 13th, 2008:

dalewj is finally…….. Cool

Yes after 3.5 years in EU, 170K+ skills. I finally today, with the complete and loving abuse of my soc, have gotten Coolness. Yep it happened, I’m actually proud of it, and i post it here so that my Soc can give me some public abuse, and those that know me can enjoy my hunting noobness.Now back to Mining

And for your pleasure of oldness: Sept 22, 2006.    My first mining tower  (8600 Narc)

And my second mining tower  Dec 18th 2006 (10054 Belk)

Notice how by the second one I could see the towers coming….

First 4 hours in Guild Wars 1

after coming out of archage and into Guild wars the first thought I have is GW2 has soo much more personality.  The game wants you to play it points you to places that aren’t 2 feet away and it on the first 30 minutes got me into group play at my level.  Fantastic first day experience.   I twitched and all thru my first 3 hours people were logging in to see what it was like to be on your first day.  The watchers were helpful explaining where to get things and such, very enjoyable.  Even ‘ol Eyecontact came out of the woodwork to help me out an watch.


Biggest gotcha so far is the feeling of movement in battle.  I just don’t got my hand on where to look and such.  But my battle tactics from the 80s still workin this game and I was able to survive a lot.   died maybe 6 times with little cost so I felt fine risking myself out there.   So this game could be a keeper, the exact opposite feeling I had after my first day in Archage.   Sure its still a theme park but well this summarizes why I feel good about it.


There is a mall called something, its full of npcs walking around and just like a real mall you have no choice but to hear them talk about their lifes, their cheating husband and such.  I walked into a bar and a bar fight broke out which I was engaged to stop.  That is it right there.  Little quests inside bigger quests, and the feeling of somewhat real life.   I love that in a game and haven’t felt it in years.


Ill be back in the morning 🙂

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