I head towards a weekend and I need something new

Yes i am burning trhu MMos pretty fast as i wait impatiently for Afterworld.

Guild Wars 2 – Level 78 and really starting to get bored. The theme park exit gate is up ahead and really don’t see much use of me in the post themepark that is WvW. I made it to level 78, stuck trying to get traits that i want because the servers wont give me the quests i want. I tried a dungeon and my character was simply not made for such things… so to continue to the next stage i would need to start over with a new character set to get me into bnattle mode. And sadly i liked the game, but not enough to start over and quest up a new character.

New game! The Secret World… Nverwinter…. or Elder Scrolls

What will i talk myself into downloading for tomorrow gameplay…..

Day 15 Guild Wars 2 – Level 72

Well i have been working my butt off for the last week. Ignoring the stream as at this point im just grinding away. Game still excites me to that 70% or so level.  I do like the feel of the game and the story.  Im an engineer so the storyline is actually very hard to complete.  I do love the way the story lines were all developed and now that i have been most everywhere I love the different types of story lines.

I think im about 47% complete for the whole game objects.  I am not a multiply ava player so ill see what I can do to 100% this ava.  I think I can fly thru it in 2 more weeks at the rate im going.

Grinding has it points and they developed some nice hard breaks in the storyline to make you go some place else and get more skill before you can finish a quest.  Example was the 57-65 quests (There was only 4).  the jump from 60 to 65 was a big one.  then followed by a jump to a 70 quest.  I had to go back to some lower levels and do the storyline quests to get caught up to defeat the monsters at that level.

Skills and Traits:  I don’t love the skill idea.  I have lots of skill points and I see no reason to use them I got the setup I want.. why change it.  Traits.  UGH.  trying to unlock a trait you want is such a pain.  Quest traits are sometimes impossible.  I sat for 10 hours on a server waiting for that one group quest to be unlocked so I could get the trait I wanted.  Never did enough people show up to turn it on.  Still don’t have it.  Also for the explosives trait I want its in WvW.  Ya that’s fun.  I actually spent 3-4 hours in there learning what they are doing and figured some of it out and helped a little (14 WvW points).  But know way I can get near the area that has the quest I need to complete in WvW to get my next trait.   so I sit with 5 unused trait points trying to find someplace to use them.  Note being an engineer that solely uses explosives as a weapon is a bit limiting…..

Crafting.  Still stuck on level 1.  sadly it isn’t exciting enough to get me to go out and get all those resources.. so I gather as I do stuff but copper is far from the areas im in so that is going very slow.

Zones:  The storyline is bringing me to zones and places I have never been to so there are only 3 zones that I have yet to visit.  I have 5-6 at 100% including all the travel zones are at 100%.   Finding that 100% the first level zones is a good way of getting my skill while collecting badly needed copper.

So as I sadly wait for the very slow (hopefully it will be done) fix of afterworld ill 100% my ava in GW2.   Maybe some W2W thou pvp isn’t exactly my thing and as a bomb exploding engineer I have to get very close to the other players to kill them.  This does cost lots of death……

Archage crafting at the highest levels.

I came across this video of how to craft the good stuff in Archage.  Well it isn’t how to craft its how the crafting system works and how much of a gamble it is to make something at the top level.    To get the perfect top level piece you wanted with the right stats is a 1:784 chance from the first level of the item you craft.

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Guild Wars – 8 days in, level 44

So after playing guild wars now for 8 days (had 1 day off) i have to say i can see why people like the game. Its still a themepark and i have yet to guild myself so I am not getting all the experience. After getting to level 35 i stopped questing along and tried my hand at some crafting. Weapons and Artificer. Crafting levels are slow. The amount of wood and copper you need to get to the next level are.. well alot. But the cost is very low if you go get it yourself. So in the long run what you have in crafting is a decent crafting system with X amount of levels and each level is a good deal of finding supplys to get past. Not over that bad.

But i did learn that there are more then 1 starting zone and if you can flyign thru all 5 areas you can get a good 400-450 copper a day. Now that is about 1/20th of the total neeeded copper as it appears. so the min of 6-8 hours of copper grinding is you can level up in 3 weeks i expect. not too terrible but a bit slow for a themepark.

So i have been in almost all the levels up to lions arc in some way or another and am building my reserves ahead of time if i make it to the next levels of crafting.

One thing i do like is the traits system. Well thought out making you go back and finish stuff if you want a certain trait on your character. The skill points, not so impressed.. you can buy lots of skills but use very little of them. in fact i have no use for more skills at the moment cause until i get to lvl 60 i am good with what i have.

I am now playing inthe bloodtide coast and the mobs are again hard but do-able. Many more players at this level then before so there is help on quests which is nice. Noticable at some starter areas the lack of players playing.

Back to play until at least Afterworld is playable again. They have had now 3 updates to level off the servers, but that is about 20% of what was lost last month. And now that we know Vik left the team, this means the damn slow speed to fix things makes sense. The game is a good 6 months from real play now…. sad….

I am a lovely figure of a man in Guild Wars

dalewj in Guild Wars 2