Flash from the past : I got coolness

From  http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?100661-dalewj-is-finally-Cool Feb 13th, 2008:

dalewj is finally…….. Cool

Yes after 3.5 years in EU, 170K+ skills. I finally today, with the complete and loving abuse of my soc, have gotten Coolness. Yep it happened, I’m actually proud of it, and i post it here so that my Soc can give me some public abuse, and those that know me can enjoy my hunting noobness.Now back to Mining

And for your pleasure of oldness: Sept 22, 2006.    My first mining tower  (8600 Narc)


And my second mining tower  Dec 18th 2006 (10054 Belk)


Notice how by the second one I could see the towers coming….

First 4 hours in Guild Wars 1

after coming out of archage and into Guild wars the first thought I have is GW2 has soo much more personality.  The game wants you to play it points you to places that aren’t 2 feet away and it on the first 30 minutes got me into group play at my level.  Fantastic first day experience.   I twitched and all thru my first 3 hours people were logging in to see what it was like to be on your first day.  The watchers were helpful explaining where to get things and such, very enjoyable.  Even ‘ol Eyecontact came out of the woodwork to help me out an watch.


Biggest gotcha so far is the feeling of movement in battle.  I just don’t got my hand on where to look and such.  But my battle tactics from the 80s still workin this game and I was able to survive a lot.   died maybe 6 times with little cost so I felt fine risking myself out there.   So this game could be a keeper, the exact opposite feeling I had after my first day in Archage.   Sure its still a theme park but well this summarizes why I feel good about it.


There is a mall called something, its full of npcs walking around and just like a real mall you have no choice but to hear them talk about their lifes, their cheating husband and such.  I walked into a bar and a bar fight broke out which I was engaged to stop.  That is it right there.  Little quests inside bigger quests, and the feeling of somewhat real life.   I love that in a game and haven’t felt it in years.


Ill be back in the morning 🙂

First 2 hours – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNh4K0eOCgk

Next hour – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z42_iFWRDNU

My ArchAge review

I know there are 2 parts of the game.  I only played the beginning theme park part and didn’t even finish it.  So this review will not cover the other parts of pvp and raiding and such. I also did not join a guild cause I was never turned on enough to decide to accept one of those offers.  like every other game being In a guild does make a change to gameplay..  But why join one if your not gonna stay more then a few days.  third note:  I was playing arachage (and other games) cause my main game went to shit on an update and I needed to do something.  I never went in thinking I would be a long term player unless the game was better then I expected and found it was.

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Day 7 Archage (the last day)

So archage didn’t get any better..  Day 7, level 31 and its routine questing and im bored.  Did do a area battle last night and that was boring.  So I have a lvl 31 character if I have have reason to go back.

Afterworld.  Seems Vik left the dev group 2 months ago? And nobody mentioned it even when the update went to shit? wow I am taken aback from that decision. Terribly taken aback. Now AW is down to very little chance of making me happy. ME.. Mr AW….. don’t like being treated like crap and we all are.

Guild Wars… now being downloaded. That’s Eye contact! ill see you there.

Day 5? Archage day -9 Afterworld

Afterworld.  The natives are restless , the devs are silent.  never a good combo.  1 more week of hell abounds….

Archage.  This game is now starting to get on my nerves.  Still streaming it for you to check in on.   But it feels they took some of the Korean quests which they couldn’t translate or didn’t think about making better quests.  I have had at least 5 quests where I get 2000 Xp for talking to the guy next to me.  I mean I don’t even have to move.  I get the quest I turn around and get the XP and money.   I’d say 10-15% of the quests are useless and stupid and they tend to give the better XP.   the rest of the quests are getting highly redundant.  Every 10th quest the mob level moves up 1.  u usually move up 1 at the same time so the mobs are always 1 or 2 levels above you.  Level 22 today and I feel no more learnt then level 13 or so.  just keep moving and doing quests.  I wont be able to survive this after the weekend if it stays the same and everyone tells me.. it stays the same.

So Guildwars next week?  ugh I need another beer (Note archage drinking levels are higher then afterworld).