Day 3 ArchAge, Day -7 Afterworld

Afterworld – Yes its being developed, yes I waited 20 months I can wait another week.  But I was sold on the upgrade being 10,000 times better then it was.  Sad.  If im put off imagine how the average player is….

ArchAge.  Day 3 started at level 14.  Entered the 3rd area for new quests.  quests.  really most of them are the same.  KIll something talk to someone and occasionally haul something.   I tried crafting but the growing system is very very complicated and very very slow.   To do my first craft I will have to farm (Yep, trees, animals and plants.. an actual farm) for at least 24 hours, spend a good 5 gold (I got just over 2 gold so far) and it looks to me spend a good 3 hours crafting.  This all to pass the first crafting quest – I spent a good hour or two working on trying o gather the knowledge and things to craft and came to the conclusion I cant afford it, the quest was too early in the storyline, or its too complicated and costly to do.  I am still twitching my days.  I saved the first day for people to watch.. last 2 days have pretty much been the same thing repeated just to skill up.  I can fly now with my wings.. that was fun for a bit…

Its obvious that at least another week for Afterworld to be down…  hope for good thoughts.


Well that afterworld upgrade went to shit

wow that sucked.  All that work and all the positives building up and the devs totally missed the ball on it.  some basic errors were fine.  Deleting pretty much everything in stores is not the correct use of grep in a data base.  The servers fighting the users is normal but why do these things never happen in testing?  really what is so different in testing then on a live server?   if this is true why didn’t some of the servers come up in a test with the users trying them out.  Instead of a clear wipeout of the game for X amount of weeks.

The game was in deep shit with hope.  Now its simply in deep shit.

And on that lets see what I have played with week.

  • Pirate101.  Nicely built, but has a paywall about 3 hours into play.  and the play wasn’t good enough to pay to get over (Actually in the hole) that wall.   I twitched it for the first 2 hours.  here it is to see –
  • Astro Lords:  Sadly a simple FB style game with no place to go and a desperate need to part you with your money to make the game go at any reasonable speed.
  • Archage… yep loading it now.  well if it would download without the connection breaking at 98% I will try to actually get in and try it…

Maybe see you in AW, maybe not…….



Here comes Afterworld Rebirth!

According to the mighty Anti – we will have rebirth on the 10th of September.  possibly… maybe…    then again he didn’t;t say what year……

But on a positive note this gives us a day to prepare for.  on a negative note this lovely long weekend will be spent doing not so much.   But my Soc (Hunters Unlimited) has asked me to come on 2 soc hunts this weekend in EU.   Not even sure if my gold card even works.  then there is the 10 hour download and updates……  or I work further on cold avoid.

I know not what to do….

Wiki.  Will have to rebuild the loot system in wiki.  here is my chance.  that will be next weeks journey I think.

Onward to finish this site…

Waiting for AWR

After almost 16 months of waiting.. we are on the verge of Afterworld Rebirth.    ON    THE  VERGE

I know we can do it.. i know we can.  Every morning i log into the AWS forum to see if today is the day.  Those of us ingame waiting are IMPATIENT!  Those of you off game watching are still on the edge.

AfterWorld Rebirth

(photo thanks to 

We will get our game and we will get to see things like these….

As I wait i work on the backend things.  A new website for myself now that came back on the marketplace.   A new website for our Corporation Alpha-Corp.    A updated and new to fly     But I am getting IMPATIENT!