Well i found this little alpha game via a friend and thought why not try it.  Its called Project Gordon.  Ii is small, you can meander (I am a cow afterall)  from one side of the map to the other in 5 minutes or so.   But its full of skills skills skill.  There is dieing skill, cow skill, a skill for everything!

Moo I'm a horse in Project Gordon

Moo I’m a horse in Project Gordon

The people in the game are great, i got free stuff and advice the first moment i talked in chat.  This is normal in small alpha gaming so i was happy not to be in the big named themeparks anymore.

I fished ( A cow can fish and have a pet..), learned how all these skills work, died often (There is a counter and description of how many times you died and how many ways).  But i had fun because the game is made for fun!   the humor in the game is everywhere.  One NPC wanted to make hamburgers out of me cause im a cow.

So you say cow eh?  Yes cow, but there is a way of becoming human again, or a pig…. or a few other things.   I became a cow because i was killed by a cow with an attitude.  If i went back (And i did the next morning) and killed the cow i returned to human form.

Questing is my next step.  To find all the things and hidden places, and try and figure out why i can become a cow, something i have never done in my 20+ years of MMOs…..   MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

The stream is here starting about 20 minutes in.  I had already been transformed into a cow and was at that point just trying to figure stuff out.