So been playing neverwinter for a week now. Level 34.

The game makes a nice theme park. Good storyline. Quests are hard and seem to be set at what ever level your at so they fit well. Dungeon team setups are nice. If you have a team you can bounce around dungeons with your team. If your alone, like me, the system automaticly finds you 4 friends at your level +/- to play with. Works well, although at some parts of the day the time to wait to find those 4 people can be a bit long. But thats life.

Crafting: Its resonable, takes time to do everything and you can work your way up the crafting list slowly. No problem with that. Would love to see more ability to craft user specific items but that simply isn’t how the game was designed.

The Grind: Isn’t all that bad because they do a good job of changing the quests and dungeons around and making it so you don’t know whats coming. This is where ArchAge failed as every quest was exactly the same. I feel like im grinding at this level but i am about to start a new story line so we will see if that takes the grind feel out of it.

Player Made Dungeons: Amazing! Many games can learn something from how NW allows users to build their own content. Not just content. Their own sounds, voices, storyline. Amazing what some of them have done! Might even try it myself.

Community: Seems good but the game keeps the people seperated by moving you around the seperate serveres to keep up with your quests. Unlike GW2/AA I have only had 2 guild requests (GW2 i had 3 an hour, AA 3 a minute) and instead of jsut spamming you they tend to stop you and talk. What a concept. I guess not many people play my player type so there seems to be some want for my healing skills and such.

Dev Greed: Unlike AA which really wants you to donate to speed up your grind, this game seems to do good at allowing you to play the game fine without a deposit of some type. I haven’t spent money yet because besides a mount I haven’t really seen a reason. The system seems well balanaced and its noticable that people do spend money in this type of enviroment. Devs can learn something about P2W.

Depth of game: Wow there is lots to learn about how armor and their addons to them work. But as you play the game you get better and better armor along with better and better addons to those armors. I like the system and again think other games can learn from it.

Companions: Love the way the made them work. You can have 3 attached and select one at a time to help you. I use a offensive companion on single person quests and a healer on multy person quests. Not sure if its true but it seems the more people bring their healers on a quest the better the healers work. Did a dungoen with 5 healers and i was always being healed it seemed. If this is true then i expect the designer of this game really put lots of thought into some basic concepts that I really love.

So lets start week 2 of NW. Kind of wish this game wasn’t a themepark cuase i think getting to the end the rides won’t be as exciting as they were when i first arrived. But thats gamer nature isn’t it.