The first in the Outside Book Series.

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outside protocols


By Dale Johnson, Johnson Consulting

  • Published January 2013
  • Electronic ISBN: 978-1-300-14348-2
  • Paper ISBN: 978-1-300-67338-5

In 2074 the world has changed and not much is the same. Government. Religion. Earth. Science. Space Travel. Communication has had to grow in speed and strength. Is it still secure? Is it still reliable? Can a person sitting in an office destroy every space base and space ship with a single stroke of the keyboard?

Join us on our journey to find the eX56 protocol. The journey will touch places like Mars, Davenport , Lunar, and a MMO. Will eX56 be found and dispatched? No matter what we will find good of old fashion common networking sense working together to find out what and where eX56 comes from.

“Hello everyone this is Rick at UVMSB, we are here to do a replication of the Stream Glitch to check for an artifact up here on the Mars station. We expect to see it in a Trunk line from Central Mar Operations to UV Mars Station Branson. I have with me Rori and Lonny my system admins who will be monitoring this side of the test. Lonny can you guys give us a quick rundown on the artifact you found please?”

“Sure, Hi all this is Lonny. What we think we have seen is an artifact in your Trunk line to UVMB. What got our attention is it has happened yesterday and early today 3 minutes after the reported glitch to your Mars Stream.”

“Howdy all this is Falkin here on Earth, how exactly did you see the artifact?”

Rori starts talking before Falkin got exactly the whole sentence out. “I noticed a red blip on the trunk both days. Nothing fancy, just a few flashes of red on the trunk.”

A bit of silence before Rick finishes the thought for Rori. “Yes and we have done a dynamic test of the link and found no problems. We have a physical test due tomorrow, but we wanted to check this out first, I figured it was important to you all down there. BTW the trunk is a T9, and has 3 access points on the Station side and numbered UVM-9122K.”

“Yes we have no problem with this test, we need to get to the bottom of this glitch. It has been going on way too long.” Comments Falkin. “Alright I will let you all do what you do; I will be in the background.”

“Hey everyone this is Capucine, I have my team online here and we are ready to go with the test, It will start in 45 seconds. Any last notes from my side?” A long silence tells everyone that either nothing needs to be said, or they are way too busy getting the test to work to deal with the vid call.

Lonny types into her terminal and appends the Trunk monitor over to a new video window in the fourth channel. Everyone’s fourth screen should now show the full monitor.

A new voice to Lonny comes on the vid link and counts down “5…4…3…2…1.. Replication, Cap everything looks like it is working here, checking with Gee to see what he has.”

“Ya it looks like it worked to me, I am running a grep against the output looking for changes right now. It’s not exactly as easy as it should be, since the data in the stream was different by default. But we will figure it out and be faster next time. Give me another minute.”