I played PG for 3 weeks.  Good 130+ hours of gameplay.  This game is very Alpha and the team is very small.  Saying that they have created an excellent little alpha game.   If there is a long term for the game it can only get great.

graphically the game is not up to anything you play with cryengine for sure.  Its laid back, a bit buggy (hey its alpha), and not brilliant.  But do graphics need to be perfect and killer for every game we play?  do you even look at the graphics after a week or so of playing?  I know I don’t and rather have game play then graphics anyday.  Hell I started with Pong.. those graphics weren’t even graphics.  2 lines and a round bit and your done…  So for graphics the game gets a C-, but I don’t really care.

Size of the world. its a bit small , 4 major areas.  Serbule is nicely sized, efficient and holds enough good stuff.  Perfect noobland.  Eltibule is same sized and holds a few good areas for going past your noobness.  It needs more work to fill out the empty spots and give it the same feel as Serbule.  No houses or places to live in Eltibule are shown so these poor npcs must sleep in the dirt.   SunVale is barely a server with no room and no real ability to skill there.  Kur I died in and never got across so can’t comment.  Its alpha so this is excepted.  Graphics are hard to build, even if you do copy paste a good deal of them.  So here for alpha I give it a C+

gameplay.  over all I loved the game play and was sad that the skill limit is 50.  in fact either it needs to be unlimited or the skills need to progress slower.  the reason I finished playing the game is because i’m stuck on level 50 unarmed and sword.  trying to move other skills (staff and archery) up means I pretty much gotta start all over again in Serbule and work my way thru Elt.  ya fine I can do it twice.  then what?  start all over again … again?   I don’t mind a grind but when the game play area is so small it truly is killing the same mobs over and over in the same place.   Again alpha gets a break cause it needs more land and mobs.  The gameplay itself is excellent A- to A.  The grind to skill brings it down to a B- or C.  But the game should outgrow its smallness to get that grade where it should be A to A+

Crafting.  Ugh.  The crafting system is too big for the game size.  Inventory is limited which makes crafting very hard to do as a noob.  Maybe crafting isn’t meant for noobs… fine, but as a crafting addict I want to craft from day one and work on crafting as I gain loot.  Problem I gaining loot here is well impossible cause there is not enough inventory to save it in.  The game play is pushed towards small inventory and banks to cause this on purpose (IMHO).   But the crafting system isn’t built to handle the inventory/banking system it lives with.  Simply  Need more inventory or banking to make crafting work at 100%.  Costs in crafting are too high, almost make it impossible to craft (see next note).  This causes my crafting grade to slip to a B+  Inventory/banking D.  Annoyance to people who becomes cows F-(4th).

making money.  It isn’t too hard but then again it isn’t easy.  I found myself just running around the goblin dungeon for a day or two to get my $ up to go and spend on crafting.  problem Is I spent that say 20K from a days grinding in about 15 minutes crafting.  Mostly buying recipes.  Because of the inventory limits most these recipes are useless to me, but I have no idea until I buy them.  which causes me to waste money which much be ground again and again.  The crafting system is again bigger then the game and needs to be fit in better.  Making Money/Grinding C-

dungeons/bosses.  All excellent and well thought out.  Most have to be done in groups so group up you will to kill the boss and get amazing loot.  grade A  Just build a few smaller dungeons for noob freelancers.  something they can do by themselves in the first week to make them feel good.

Sense of humor, storyline  A+  I actually read the storyline.  I never read the storyline.  Im a click thru player always.  But the one I did read was so funny I stopped and read it all after.  amazing stuff.  no holds.   everything is talked about by the NPCs.  LOVE IT!!!!  NEVER STOP IT!!!  Don’t WOW-down your storyline EVER!

Community.  You can tell this game goes thru players fast because of it’s size limitations.  even so the players are all very nice and helpful, even coming to rescue you when your cursed by a boss.  Curses btw are great idea.  Makes people team up to fix their problems.  OVerall I find most alphas to be this good and well this game does not disappoint.  Grade A

Devs.  coming form a game of NO communication, this was a nice surprise to see the devs who give a shit. Really it is pleasant and thank you for caring about your game.  what a concept eh.  Grade A

So overall I left the game cause of grind/bored but I will be watching it for a long time and hope Eric and can his ragtag group and game into the limelight.  You did good Eric, now DO NOT STOP!  DAMMIT!