One thing about Project Gorgon is the immense skill system they have built.  You get skill for everything.  Death… picking mushrooms.. performing autopsies on the mobs you kill.   Turn into a cow, or werewolf.. or whatever and you get a whole skill chain for that.   Every level or 5 levels for most skills you get something. 

Skills on Project Gorgon

Now this is only 3 days into the game and at the moment the skill cap is 50 for every skill.  I have only spent time on one land mass and hardly have all the possible skills but you can see where this is going.   We are told to not just get 50 combat skills but to layer all our skills up at the same time…  Why?  because a well rounded player is better at the game then a tank or healer.  I LOVE THAT!


And CHOOSE ABILITIES.   Once you get a stack of abilities gained from skilling you can select which of those to drag and drop to your quick bar.  Abilities also get leveled.  You start with punch level 1 and soon you can move it up to level 2 and level 3….  saving that small quick bar’s space with higher level attacks.


If this is the alpha with only X amount of content, imagine the full game!