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Rift ruins a Saturday of gaming

So since i had Glyph installed because of Archage, i noticed that some people i know have tried and liked Rift. So its easy to download and run as it allows you to play with only 15% downloaded. Cool i said i woke up this morning, made a nice bacon,egg and cheese mcmuffin for myself to fix the beers from last night.

Sat down. Loaded Xsplit. Started my twitch stream and off we go! Now i have 3 screens and because they come off 1 GPU and that GPU really is pushing the limits with 3 screens i have my main monitor as my 3rd screen. Its not my main monitor, monitor 3 is actually the one i use most. Yes its not right and well after enough system and screen crashes i have this system and no way in hell i will ever go thru the ordeal of trying to fix it again. The fix is simple a new GPU, which is far away…

so Rift, ya rift. It has a bug. It will not run in windowed mode on a second screen (never mind 3rd). Really it won’t. A search shows people since 2011 complaining about it all the way up to a few months ago. If you click on the title bar of the game while its on any screen besides monitor 1 it will… get this.. minimize and never let you maximize it again.  Here is the stream before twitch deletes it

So its abug, which after 3 years one would think would be fixed. But lookin at the reports on the supprot forum of rift and each and everyone is closed without 1 mention by anyone in support. Tells me .. they don’t care or the problem is too huge to fix at this point. Mentioning that it is a real problem, not just in our heads, would be nice.

But nah.. Trion has now offically disproven itself to me as a useful gaming company after watching what it did to archage and reading what its done to its other games. They are in a spiral that will not be survivable if they do not pull up soon.

So now back to find something for my Sunday…. here is an update of curent games im watching.

Afterworld…. getting worse… i think it might just need someone to hammer in that first nail to start the process. Last update was so hugely bad and pushed on live servers in such bad shape the average player couldnt stay logged in, most professions were unplayable and all the mobs disappeared. They got some mobs and some loot back after 5 weeks, players still cant move around much and about 60% of my storage (Yes the expensive part) is gone. One guy even lost all his ingame currency cause he kept it in storage (Full pvp looting is a bitch).

Earthrise.. looks interesting but the servers are down all week…. so don’t know if it is or not.

Project gordon … its interesting at the very least. But sadly a bug in the ava building process got me locked out of my accoutn and i havent been able to log in and play again. Alpha blues there.. but when my account is fixed i will be back.

There are a few small alpha/beta games i might go take a third look at. They are slow buils but hey i need something to do on sunday morning and it will not be the leaves in my yard.. dammit.

End of neverwinter at level 60

I will say for the games i have tried in the last few months this one kept me the longest with its good storylines, great quests and decent crafting. I got to level 60 on day 15 and sadly it hits you pretty hard that the themepark has ended and the grind/guild begins.

To move further on, with a bit of research, it seems i will need to grind quests for a week, but better gear, get my current 7200 character points over 8500. Expensive stuff at this level but thats fine, if your gonna play on it should cost ya. Besides that i am given 2 daily quests and lots of dragons to kill every 20 minutes to build up the diamonds.

Or i can join a guild. I simply don’t love the game that much to do that to some poor group of souls.

I’m not a pvp-er so that takes a whole line of quests out of action.

Crafting is good, has some very very good points but i found the costs and speed get realllll slow. You quickly need to buy and upgrade your professionals to be able to move ahead at a good enough speed to make me happy. Problem is i kept spending all the diamonds keeping alive to level 60. I expect if i really loved the crafting system i could join a guild and work at crafting to get it to a place of actually making something to sell. But at this point its a solid cost to craft with no real output to make on it. THhs is why i do love the Entropian Universe, Afterworld crafting systems. You can start sellin stuff to lower players from day one and the cost of crafting quickly becomes much less. Alas EU is gone until someone buys it from MA and Afterworld is in development hell at the moment.

So again we move onwards. Where shall we go? A day or two of research will appear along with a stream of my first day in game X. see you on the other side!

Archage crafting at the highest levels.

I came across this video of how to craft the good stuff in Archage.  Well it isn’t how to craft its how the crafting system works and how much of a gamble it is to make something at the top level.    To get the perfect top level piece you wanted with the right stats is a 1:784 chance from the first level of the item you craft.

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Day 5? Archage day -9 Afterworld

Afterworld.  The natives are restless , the devs are silent.  never a good combo.  1 more week of hell abounds….

Archage.  This game is now starting to get on my nerves.  Still streaming it for you to check in on.   But it feels they took some of the Korean quests which they couldn’t translate or didn’t think about making better quests.  I have had at least 5 quests where I get 2000 Xp for talking to the guy next to me.  I mean I don’t even have to move.  I get the quest I turn around and get the XP and money.   I’d say 10-15% of the quests are useless and stupid and they tend to give the better XP.   the rest of the quests are getting highly redundant.  Every 10th quest the mob level moves up 1.  u usually move up 1 at the same time so the mobs are always 1 or 2 levels above you.  Level 22 today and I feel no more learnt then level 13 or so.  just keep moving and doing quests.  I wont be able to survive this after the weekend if it stays the same and everyone tells me.. it stays the same.

So Guildwars next week?  ugh I need another beer (Note archage drinking levels are higher then afterworld).

Well that afterworld upgrade went to shit

wow that sucked.  All that work and all the positives building up and the devs totally missed the ball on it.  some basic errors were fine.  Deleting pretty much everything in stores is not the correct use of grep in a data base.  The servers fighting the users is normal but why do these things never happen in testing?  really what is so different in testing then on a live server?   if this is true why didn’t some of the servers come up in a test with the users trying them out.  Instead of a clear wipeout of the game for X amount of weeks.

The game was in deep shit with hope.  Now its simply in deep shit.

And on that lets see what I have played with week.

  • Pirate101.  Nicely built, but has a paywall about 3 hours into play.  and the play wasn’t good enough to pay to get over (Actually in the hole) that wall.   I twitched it for the first 2 hours.  here it is to see – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-l20exZVjc&list=UU7WUhw7RcdeKSYdp9I0mkzA
  • Astro Lords:  Sadly a simple FB style game with no place to go and a desperate need to part you with your money to make the game go at any reasonable speed.
  • Archage… yep loading it now.  well if it would download without the connection breaking at 98% I will try to actually get in and try it…

Maybe see you in AW, maybe not…….