wow that sucked.  All that work and all the positives building up and the devs totally missed the ball on it.  some basic errors were fine.  Deleting pretty much everything in stores is not the correct use of grep in a data base.  The servers fighting the users is normal but why do these things never happen in testing?  really what is so different in testing then on a live server?   if this is true why didn’t some of the servers come up in a test with the users trying them out.  Instead of a clear wipeout of the game for X amount of weeks.

The game was in deep shit with hope.  Now its simply in deep shit.

And on that lets see what I have played with week.

  • Pirate101.  Nicely built, but has a paywall about 3 hours into play.  and the play wasn’t good enough to pay to get over (Actually in the hole) that wall.   I twitched it for the first 2 hours.  here it is to see –
  • Astro Lords:  Sadly a simple FB style game with no place to go and a desperate need to part you with your money to make the game go at any reasonable speed.
  • Archage… yep loading it now.  well if it would download without the connection breaking at 98% I will try to actually get in and try it…

Maybe see you in AW, maybe not…….