I will say for the games i have tried in the last few months this one kept me the longest with its good storylines, great quests and decent crafting. I got to level 60 on day 15 and sadly it hits you pretty hard that the themepark has ended and the grind/guild begins.

To move further on, with a bit of research, it seems i will need to grind quests for a week, but better gear, get my current 7200 character points over 8500. Expensive stuff at this level but thats fine, if your gonna play on it should cost ya. Besides that i am given 2 daily quests and lots of dragons to kill every 20 minutes to build up the diamonds.

Or i can join a guild. I simply don’t love the game that much to do that to some poor group of souls.

I’m not a pvp-er so that takes a whole line of quests out of action.

Crafting is good, has some very very good points but i found the costs and speed get realllll slow. You quickly need to buy and upgrade your professionals to be able to move ahead at a good enough speed to make me happy. Problem is i kept spending all the diamonds keeping alive to level 60. I expect if i really loved the crafting system i could join a guild and work at crafting to get it to a place of actually making something to sell. But at this point its a solid cost to craft with no real output to make on it. THhs is why i do love the Entropian Universe, Afterworld crafting systems. You can start sellin stuff to lower players from day one and the cost of crafting quickly becomes much less. Alas EU is gone until someone buys it from MA and Afterworld is in development hell at the moment.

So again we move onwards. Where shall we go? A day or two of research will appear along with a stream of my first day in game X. see you on the other side!