After Rift destroyed my Saturday morning of gaming two small alpha games quickly came to save me.  First up was Saturday and Project Ion.  ITs really really alpha.  Avas, mobs, loot is purely alpha like.   Fun enough to play and I got a HOF on my 3rd mob.  I didn’t get first day video because I had streaming problems.  Went to play on Sunday and encountered a bug that logged me in to the server with no loot, clothes, chat…  Like being on my own planet.  ITs a known bug blamed on my TCP stack (HAHAHA) that is suppose to be fixed in next version, which is not dated.  So this one sits on the sidelines for a while.

Ion HOF 

I went back to Project Gorgon  after the F1 qualifying when I couldn’t continue in Ion.  Again very alpha but more full of things to do and my god this baby is full of good humor.  Streaming worked so we have  Day 2 video.  Day one I found a bug in the programming and on day 2 I had to start over again.  But that’s fine (even thou my day 1 ava had better loot in it I didn’t want to lose) and since my first ava is out there I named myself dalewj2 (Imagination run wild).   But started day 2 as a human, went into cow form later on.  will play cow for a bit and move back to human after.  This game (again if it can survive the alpha stage and not screw up going beta or gold) has a chance of being a very cool sandbox.

Progect Gorgon