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The RepopNation Wiki for The Repopluation.

Join us for discussion here. --- Registration on the forum and wiki will demand that an admin accepts your account by hand to help eliminate spam problems.

We have lots of work to go so please do come and join us. So far we have completed all the resources, zones and regions. Coming soon: skills, abilities, Terminals, underground, crafting..... There is an endless list. The more people we have the better the data will become!

This Wiki is brought to you by

The Tanstaafl Alliance

The Tanstaafl Alliance Nation at The best crafters and resource gathering nation on the US East Coast server. See us in Tanstaafl Alliance City.

The Wiki and all of TA's websites are produced by User:Echelar and User:dalewj via Gaming since Pong. Super Grand Master Miner/Lumberman/Waterboy for TA.

World Map

Enjoy the full World Map of our game where you can click on each zone to find out what is located in each.

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